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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  October 22, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> deadly road rages shuts down a bay area freeway. and troops heading
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>> a case of road rage turns deadly in the anyway area. a biker is dead after being dragged at least a mile, and a paratransit van driver under arrest good evening, i'm dan noiz in for alan wang. it happened on interstate 58 a san lee an develop the eastbound lanes have been closed for hours as police investigate. we're live in san leandro where the freeway is still closed tonight. >> reporter: i'm basically at the most eastern point of the crime scene. you can see right there the 580 freeway, there's no traffic at this hour. i understand the earliest they might open the freeway is around midnight tonight, and that
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paratransit van is still right there. tonight, the driver of that van, who is usually shuttling around special need clients around the east bay, is under arrest as police investigate what they say is a homicide. >> the twisted metal jammed under the front of the berra transit bus used to be a motorcycle. police say this marks the end of a long crime scene. >> the bus involve actually dragged the motorcycle for about a mile and came to rest after the 160th avenue onramp. >> reporter: the motorcyclist died and because of initial reports by witnessed, police are handling this as a homicide. >> i don't know if there was any communication between the two that's unknown. and then suddenly the van turned and hit the motorcyclist. >> investigators are interviewing the driver of the pair extra transit van to figure out if he intended to hit the cyclist. witnesses say the biker was traveling with a pack of other
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riders. >> there was a group of motorcycles that was reported, anywhere from six to eight people on motorcycles. some had insignias which showed affiliation the hells angels. whether or not the victim did, don't know. >> the initial crash and investigation brought traffic to a stand stihl and got some drivers snagged in a surface street maize trying to get home. >> left on liberty. >> four hours after the crash, nina smith was still trying to get home to modesto. >> they said when they took us off at keller in oakland, they just said, it's blosked all the way down to san lee aen dough, so i got into san leandro, and every entrance has been blocked. >> reporter: now, tonight i talked with two employees of first transit, which is the organization that operates that paratransit van. they tell me that the driver of that van was not carrying -- was
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not shuttling any clients at the time of the crash. they also tell me that for some reason, that driver stopped communicating with dispatch sometime around this afternoon, so they decided to try to locate it with the gps, and they figured out it was one of their vans involved in the incident. reporting live in san leandro. abc-7 news. >> dan: police in stockton say they acted on good information in surrounding a house where a killer was believed to be hiding. officers believed steve ruiz was inside the house perhaps with his girlfriend. ruiz is suspected of killing a hells angel last saturday at a funeral for another hell's angels member. armed police and vehicles began gathering at the house. a few hours ago police released the scene, saying ruiz was not. >> trauma surgeons say a sacramento area police officer will recover after being shot several times during a traffic stop. the shooting happened this afternoon near grant high school
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and twin rivers. the officer tried to pull over a suspect, who then fled on foot. during the chase the officer was shot numerous times. the suspect is still at large. a good samaritan was killed this morning after trying to help someone else involved in car crash on interstate 880. the initial crash happened just after 2:00 this morning in heyward. the chp said it was minor, and a good samaritan tried to help, and a another car slammed into theirs. >> not a good idea to stop. the best idea is to pull over, call for help. but don't stop in the lane and put yourself at recollection. >> dan: the other victims were taken to the hospital. >> some supporters of san francisco mayor ed lee are being accused of filling in ballots for chinatown residents. a person claims to have caught it on video.
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and some candidates are calling foul. >> reporter: they're also saying the activity was illegal. but the ed lee for mayor campaign says they had nothing to do with the up official vote tables in china town and want the active stopped. this is video taken by the adam showing workers wearing edley for mayor shirts, manning anary set up on ironing boards and shows workers filling in ballots. he spoke to us via "skype". >> i had a canvasser of senator yee tell us they saw the workers fill out the ballots themselves. i saw the workers using a step sill, holing the stencil over the ballot. >> this activity enraged the ed lee campaign manager. >> that group and those people doing that have nothing to do with mayorley's campaign.
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they don't represent his campaign. we want that group to cease and desist from doing whatever they're doing. >> the group that set up the tableses the neighborhood alliance. the same group that ran the "run, ed, run" campaign. he way. ed to speak with the manager but that person was not available. other candidates weighed on out what they say could be election fraud. >> i think the videos speak for themselves. there are folks who are wearing shirts that are identifying who they were with and were engaged in potential voter fraud. >> anthony thomas with the yee campaign bleeftz the lee campaign is tied to this event and there's no coincidences in politics. >> there's other things that leads us to believe that coercion is going on with citizens. >> tony whittaker wants to stand
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the alliance from campaigning forley. >> if it is true there were illegal activities and i understand the elections department has forwarded some of that to the district attorney's office. >> reporter: the city attorney would normally investigate this case, but he is recused himself bus of his mayoral campaign. dan? >> dan: overseas now. the nation of libya enters a new era tomorrow. the country's new leaders say they officially declare the people liberated from the rule of moammar gadhafi. gadhafi was killed near his home town of sirte on thursday. the transitional leadership has said it would declare a new interim government within a month and hold election foors constitutional assembly within agent months. 36 hours after president obama's announcement the war is n iraq is nearly at an end, politicians and veterans say the drawdown may have ugly consequences. senator dianne feinstein was in san francisco to speak with a humans rights campaign and has
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her doubts about iraq. >> i'm worried about whether the iraqi army really is trained up to a standard that enables it to protect the country. i don't really know that yet. and the experts say it takes seven to ten years of training, really, to assume that standard. so, we'll see. >> dan: one iraq war veteran says the country is still dangerous. he recently spoke with a friend serving in iraq who said things are as bad as ever. >> he showed me a link to the casualty reports that happened in searously, almost every day, someone is either getting killed or at a checkpoint or on the streets or it's -- it's still not safe. it's still iraq. >> dan: president obama prom ised all troops in iraq will be hem for the holidays. >> a stockton marine reserve is
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was killed after being mistaken for a bear. they were hiking yesterday evening and a 67-year-old oregon man was hunting for bear with his 12-year-old grandson. he says he saw something move and fired one shot. striking ochoa. the hunter has not been charged. but the case has been turned over the to the local district attorney's office. turning to the latest in the "occupy" movement in san francisco today, protesters marched down market street. according to the movement, this was a solidarity march. members of the "occupy" oakland movement marched down the boulevard. the occupiers can be in the plaza from of a.m. to 10:00 p.m. but have not moved against them yet in san jose, police were a bit more aggressive. they arrested two people and cited a third for trespassing and illegal camping. occupiers vow they're not going
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anywhere. >> packing heat in the bay area. coming up, why dozens of people headed to the mall carrying weapons today. >> it's happening again. more space junk is falling to earth. when it's expected to crash down. >> and coming up at 11:30, new revealing details about the life of the late steve jobs, inside his new autobiography. >> good evening. record-setting day around the bay area. where we set highs and how much
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>> closed captioning brought to
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>> dan: gun right supporters made a dramatic statement to protest a state law. two dozen people went to a shopping mall with expristles -- rifles and shotguns strapped to their shoulders. >> they kim with fire power to make their point. handguns, rustles, shotguns and other weapons. demonstrators said the guns were unloaded. >> i'm trying to protect my family. >> for an hour this afternoon, more than two dozen gun rights advocates gathered in san leandro. they heard from supporters who honked horns and others who didn't like wham they -- what the saw. >> i got kids in the car. >> the group, calling itself the responsible citizens of carr, protested a new law signed by the governor. beginning january 1st it will no longer be legal to openly carry an unloaded handgun. but it will still be legal to openly carry unloaded long guns
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like shot guns and rifles. >> a direct reaction to what our governments in sacramento have done to us. we're not trying to intimidate anybody. we're saying our government is making life difficult for us. we're going to stay within the law. >> i will not be carrying but i have a long gun at home, that i'm going to be carrying because it's -- we're allowed to do that. >> a few spectators didn't like the idea of seeing civilians carrying so many weapons. >> it's a little scary because when you go out in public, going to public places like starbucks, even to a 24 here, you don't want anybody carrying a gun, whether you think it's loadedded or not. >> anytime you see people in a suburban environment with guns, it's kind of scary. >> after it was over, demonstrators worked across the boulevard and piled into a kfc restaurant where the grabbed a bite to eat with weapons
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exposed. >> police quietly watched this event from a distance. when the new law goes into effect, openly carrying a handgun would be a misdemeanor offense. >> dan: a red tailed hawk has finally been rescued. it was spotted in golden gate park with a nail in its head. appeared to have been shot will a nail gun. rescuers were trying to capture the bird but it eluded them several days. the bird was trapped today by a group, wild rescue. the bird is taken to the wildlife center for treatment. >> $5,000 reward is being offeredder for information leading to the arrest of someone who apparently shot and ran over a deer this week in the north oakland hills. the animal was shot in the shoulder and had three broken legs. the same person may have tried to stab the deer as well. the deer had to be euthanized. >> more space junk is falling back to earth.
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a german satellite entered the atmosphere a short time ago but no confirm nation whether any pieces came to the earth. most of the it should was expected to burn up during re-entry but up to 30 pieces may have crashed to the earth. a second time in the month a satellite is heading back to earth. it was late september when a nasa satellite crashed into the pacific ocean. watch out! >> a great run of warm weather here, mike. >> really warm. a record high at the airport, 80, and cooling trend is on the way, and the higher fire danger is coming our way. let's talk about what's going on right now. beautiful pictures as we look down from sutro tower at the golden gate bridge this evening. nice shot, and clear. don't see any fog in this picture. and as we look down from mt. tamalpais, beautiful picture of the city. keep wanting to say this morning. this evening. and it's still pretty warm in
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some areas. look at what happened today. 81 in half moon bay. san francisco, 80 in clear lake and that's as cool as it got. those temperatures rivaled inland. 84 in oakland. san jose, 86. redwood city. and if you're on the boardwalk or on the beach at santa cruz, sunshine, sun burn if you weren't careful, and 88 degrees. right now, temperatures running in the 60s in the shoreline and east bay veilsle upper 50s in half moon bay in the monterey bay, clear sky and low to mid-60s, and gilroy, 57. as far as the 24 hour temperature change, definitely warmer outside except in fairfield. it's going to lead to a mild night testimony even though we'll have a clear sky, and it will be warmer probably 50s and 60s instead of the 40s and 50s this morning. here's what i think is going to
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happen tomorrow. it's going to be warm again but late in the afternoon we'll start to get a surge of cooler weather that will hit the coast and probably spill into san francisco, may even make it over to oakland. it will be late in the afternoon, so still going to be warm. high fire danger. tuesday night into wednesday morning. when the winds could kick up, and it's very dry this time of the year. tonight, the 50s and the coolest weather in the north bay valleys, and along the coast, low 50s. here's a trough of low pressure. that's the dividing line between the onshore and the offshore, the offshore, or the land breeze look how far it pushed the cool weather into the ocean and that's where it's going to stay tonight and into tomorrow. and then they'll start moving inland and it will keep our inland temperatures warm while everybody else starts cooling off tomorrow, and off the coast and inland around the bay, monday. so, for tomorrow, down in the south bay. low to mid-80s. 83 in sunnyvale.
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upper 60, sr. to near 70 along the coast, and mid-70s around downtown and south san francisco. north bay valleys, low to mid-80s on the east bay, temperatures running in the 7 so series until you get down to around hay werd and union. the east bay valleys, mid-80, sr. -- 80s tomorrow. and here's the accuweather forecast, and temperatures will drop significantly on monday by five to eight degrees. cooler tuesday, the fire danger wednesday, and a chance of rain back in the forecast for friday and saturday. >> dan: thank you, mike. larry is here now with sports. >> larry: we got so much to talk about. a couple of great college football games and game three of the world series turns into the albert pujols show. plus, at stanford, not the quarterback on display. the cardinal
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>> larry: a dominating win for the stanford football team. washington came in tonight ranked 25th in the nation.
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they wanted to shut down andrew luck. the cardinal countered with the best rushing performance in school history. 446 yards, price came in dancing and smiling. that did not last. second quarter, luck hits fleener back of the zone. 16-21, 179 yards and two scores for luck. they're call mortgage -- calling for the val lay. taylor, 70-yard on this one. 38 total. that made it 24-14 cardinal. just before the half. the pickoff by thomas, and aloha. 62 yards. 38-14 at the half. stanford, more ground and pound. will terson, got like a thousand running backs there. the cardinal rushed for a school record 446 yards. five touchdowns on the ground. stanford destroys uw, 65-21.
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they should move up to at least sixth in the bcs rankings. >> we got a physical group. we got a group with a lot of drive. we love our run blocking. we run the ball first, pass second. so that's a great opportunity to show what we have. >> larry: cal hosting utah, both teams came in winless in the pac-12. second quarter, the screen pass to allen appears to be stopped but not to be denied. cal led 20-0 at the half. second half, maynard, off that little spread option attack. keeps it. also threw for 255. calling up 27-0. cal's defense controlled this game. that was the story. utah quarterback john hays, his third pick of the day. josh hill with a pick six. cal snaps a three-game losing streak 34-10. >> the taste at the time n the guy's mouth to stop the bleeding
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a little bit was awesome. everybody very happy, excited, we'll enjoy this one for a day or so, and then we have another one to play and that's the way it's going to be the rest of the season. one at a time. just continue to try to reach our full potential. >> larry: when we come back, hay, hay, hay, it's big albert. takes over game three 0 of the world series.
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>> albert pujols didn't want to talk to the media after game two. he let his bat do the talking in texas. dirk nowitzki throwing out the pitch. get ready for offense. second batter of the game, allen craig, got all of it. in a flash 1-0. make it 5-0 before the rangers rally in the fourth. who else, nelson cruz, opposite field, two-run shot off kyle
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lohse. rangers are back in it. then albert's show begins. that's destroyed. a three-run bomb. albert not done. to the seventh to dead center off gonzalez. and big mac is loving this. 14-6. he's not done. here it comes. there it goes again, albert pujols is a bad man! three homers off three different pitchers. the third guy to hit three home runs in a world series game since reggie jackson. the cardinals take the 2-1 series lead. to the ice, jumbo joe played the thousand play of his career, and no love from sedin. thornton to pavelski who shoots and scores. second period, couture in front. snaps it hope. his first, and it's 2-0 sharks. but boston comes back in the
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third. seguin beats neimi and we're tied at 2. 11 minutes left. good things happen when you throw it on net, and their row took theirot is there. the sharks defend the defending stanley cup champions on their home ice. the 49ers have a bye. the raiders in action against kc. that's your toyota sports report. >> dan: a behind the scenes look at a revealing new book about steve jobs, and carlos santana, sings the praises of his old san
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>> dan: good evening. in tonight's headlines in san leandro, interstate 58 0 is closed after a motorcyclist is killed in an apparent road rage. a par extra transit driver hit the biker and dragged him for more than a while. >> police in stockton surrounded a house for hours in beliefs a man wanted for killing a hells angel last week was inside. the search of the home was fruitless. a group marched for justice and
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equality. the oakland branch marched down broadway. no incidents reported. >> sneer dianne feinstein says she is concerned for the safety of iraq now that american troops are moving out. the senator spoke at the human rights campaign gala tonight in san francisco. >> now to a fascinating behind the scenes look at steve jobs. the very private man behind the company that impacted so many of our lives. a new book coming out talks about a blunt meeting jobs had with president obama, and reveals some of jobs' tough words for everyone from going -- google to john mayal. >> we're getting a look into the man behind the mock turtlebook. the new book, recounts vivid details about jobs' life, his feelings about success, politics, and his fear zest competitors. >> today, apple is going to reinvent the phone. >> the tech giant was live --
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live individual over googles efforts to take over iphone and he said he was going to destroy detroit -- droid because it's a stolen tech, and jobs balked at sitting down with the president unless the president permanently invited him. they eventually met at a hotel in 2010. and it was there jobs told obama you're headed for a one-term presidency, because jobs said the obama administration was not sufficiently business friendly, and that big business was hand cuffed by two many regulations and unnecessary costs. >> jobs also complained about rock star john mayer, playing the guitar virtuoso but bemoaning mayer was out of control and, in his word,
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blowing it big-time. the book reportedly does not say why jobs felt that way. jobs meds indicate -- meds tated on his legacy, saying i don't have any skeletons in my encloses september it can't be allowed out. >> you can learn more about jobs on monday out good good morning america. >> a law firm but up a "got drunk" sign. the firm said it was minute to advertise it could help people that got into trouble drinking and driving. the sign has one removed. >> you can see employees running out of the way after a river of one flooded a store. the weight of 7,000 bottles of wine became too much for 78 feet of shelving. it took 15 employees and a professional cleaning crew of ten to clean its up. the store's insurance covered everything, including sturdiest
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shelves. >> when you're insurance company agrees to pay for damage for your home you might think your troubles are over but it can often be tricky to collect the money. michael finney explains why. >> patricia is showing us her new dishwasher, the one she bought after her old one cause add big problem. >> my neighbor downstairs said, do you have water in cower kitchen? i said no. >> she opened the dishwasher to find water pouring in and not draining out even though it was turned off. i had seeped out the bottom, through her floor, and into the apartment downstairs. >> didn't appear wet. but yet it felt squishy when i stepped on it. >> she had to rip out 0 her floor in all five rooms since she has one continuous floor. thankfully, her insurance agreed to replace. i the only problem was getting the money. >> version very, very frustrating. >> hearing why. her insurance company made out the check so patricia and her
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mortgage leners, chase bank. chase released two payments as the work was done. however, its would not release the final payment until after an inspection. >> she took pictures, went through and said, the job is 100% done, it's beautiful. >> the inspector came and filed this report, saying the work was 100% complete. chase only requires 90% completion. however, the bank did not send her the money. instead it sent her this notice. >> they said the needed to have proof that the job was complete. and i said, well, you have. it was faxed to you and you should have it. they didn't have it. so patricia faxed the bank another copy of the the inspection report burt that didn't happen. a month later chase sent another notice saying we need an inspection so patricia faxed the report a third time, and for the third time, chase sent a notice asking for the inspection. >> it's been faxed to you three times already. what we don't have it, this went on and on on and.
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>> patricia says she called the bank 4 -- 34 times and got nowhere. so she contacted us, then told the bank we were on the case. right away she got action. >> they said we'll get the action and it was overnight. >> chase bank tells us the insurance check had been mailed to the wrong bank office which cause add delay in processing her claim. chase tide not explain why it kept asking for an inspection report. however patricia promptly received her final payment of 1,000 hundred $50. >> i appreciate the help. and i am a fan of 7 on your side. >> the bank says the mixup started win the insurance sector linked to her home equity line of credit instead of her mortgage account. it was all straightened out. if you have a problem go to i'm michael finey. seven on your side. >> a bay area rock star comes
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back home. >> coming up, why carlos santana is singing his praises of his old san francisco high school. >> good evening. cooler weather comes back home, too. where it's still going to be hot tomorrow, and if you're traveling in the state or the country, we'll havavavavavavavav @
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>> dan: a san francisco it's intive. santana is busy playing neil young's bridge school benefit concert but on monday he returns to mission high school for the first time since graduating. santana sat down with 7 live's brian copeland and talk about giving back too the place the called home. >> my al ma matter was fill more west, and i learned so much in the 60s. from martin luther king to the kennedys and the black panthers. san francisco was always -- always had been the one that sets the tone for consciousness revolution, with the bloc black panthers and the hippies and people in berkeley protesting vietnam. for me, coming back to mission high school, my most important gift to them is to say to them, eye-to-eye, you're significant, you're meaningful, and you
11:46 pm
matter, and you can make a difference in the world. ♪ >> have been instrumental in helping to keep music programs going with little kids rock. tell me about that and your foundation. >> you know, i think that much has been made about how the more you give people the gift that -- of awareness -- everybody has music in them. everyone has rhythm. i like to make something clear. for a long time people make fun of caucasian people because they clap on the one, like -- right? but when you good to africa, everybody claps on the one. now james brown, but in africa it was on the -- all the
11:47 pm
instruments, dink, dink, dink. >> if i clap, i guess i'm african and didn't know it. i clap on the one. i thought i had no rhythm. i thank you for that. >> i like to validate my caucasian sisters sisters and b. it's not cool. not one race has a monopoly on hipness or soul. god gave us the same. it's what you do with it that makes you soulful and significant and adorable. like the people that i grew one if, nat king kole and sam cook and oit redding. you just look at him. even with the volume off, you say, damn, i want what they got. >> you can watch 7 live weekdays at 3:00 p.m. right here on abc-7. >> some students have a whale of a tale to tell. fourth and fifth graders caught sight of a 35-40-foot humpback
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wheel feet away. they were in the channel yesterday morning. mike is back now with the forecast. >> you shaw our cloudy it was yet, but today, sunshine, 88 in santa cruz, and tomorrow when you wake up, it's going to be clear and warmer than what we dealt with this morning. check out the temperatures. 62 in antioch, half moon bay. as we head towards the lunch hour, we're looking at temperatures warming rapidly, especially in our in-line neighborhoods. and san francisco, san rafael, and then by the afternoon hours, going to be pretty warm. especially the farther you are away from the coast. at the coast we start to see the winds turn onshore by 4:00. 68 at half moon bay. 72 rat san francisco. mid-to-upper 70s in san rafael and oak leak, and everybody else in the low to even some mid-80s.
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after traveling around the state tomorrow, going to be warm in the central valley. 800s through there. 87 in fresh know tahoe tomorrow, 69 degrees. here's the cloud cover and you can see it's going to be 78 in big sur but much cooler by the afternoon hours. palm springs, the warm spot at 94 degrees. temperatures around the country tomorrow will be 57 in seattle. 61 in portland. and in new york and d.c., 75 in denver, 82 in dallas, and 94 in phoenix. here's an extended look at the seven-day forecast. very warm temperatures, well above average by ten degrees tomorrow. cooling will move inland on monday. temperatures drop to six degrees. then we'll stay pretty close to average on tuesday, wednesday, thursday, but the winds tuesday night into wednesday morning that will create the higher fire danger. >> dan: ill was a very good day for local sports teams and larry is back now with sports. >> larry: stanford is going to be moving up in the bcs
11:50 pm
rankings, and albert pujols taking over game three of the world series, and it's a good time to be a free agent if you're albert right now.
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>> larry: good evening. another mod test night of stats for heisman front runner andrew luck. it was stanford's running backs who ran wild in a record-setting rout of washington.
11:53 pm
price was dancing and prancing. not for long. luck of the play fake to one of his many tight ended. fleener, 179 yards. the car keys? it's like us saying, one day you're going to be my valet. and you're going to be working for me. there's taylor, 70-yards to the house, 138 total on the night. 28-14. here's price picked off by thomas. cardinal up 48-13 at the half. stanford, more -- the rung was unbelievable tonight. this is their third string back, willing kerr -- wilkerson, stanford destroys washington, 65-21. they should move as high as sixth in the bcs rankings. >> we got a physical group, a
11:54 pm
lot of pride. >> we love our run blocking. we run the ball first and passek, and a good opportunity for us. >> cal hosting utah. both teams desperate for a victory in the pac-12. anyway -- maynard to his brother, keenan. and cal up 20-0 at the break. second half, may understands keeps himself on the spread option. glides into the end zone. threw for 255. all cal, and their defense was dominant. utah quarterback john hays is from paradise county. this was not paradise for him. josh hill with the pick six. cal rolls, 34-10. >> the taste in the guys' mouth in there today to stop the bleeding was awesome. >> everybody very happy. excited. we'll enjoy this one for a day or so and then have another one to play and that's the way it's going to be the rest of the
11:55 pm
season, one at a time, continue to reach our full potential. >> huge upset tonight. number three oklahoma, facing the red raiders of texas tech. 441 yards and four touchdowns, alexer to rex as tech snoops the sooner's 39 game home stream, 31-48 the final in norman. wisconsin and michigan state. just four second left in the game. tied at 31. spartans, kirk cousins with the hail mary to the end zone, and it's caught by keith nickel at the one. is he in the end the zone you make the call. touchdown! broke the plane. michigan state hands wisconsin their first loss. 37-31. >> and those two games will help stanford move up to sixth perhaps. bay area boxer impressive. his 26th consecutive victory.
11:56 pm
his opponent, had never lost. it was all nonito in the black trunks. landed 15% of his punches but threw 6660. -- of 60. peppering away. nonito wins by unanimous decision and is now 27-1. >> game three of the world series. the albert pujols show. not one, not two three home runs for the cardinals. dallas mavs star dirk nowitzki throwing out the first pitch. there was controversial because of the lockout some of the mlb guys didn't want him out here. but this settled interest the bleachers. pujols, three-run bomb and then another home run. in the seventh. off mike gonzalez. makes it 14-6 cardinals. in the nine. therees goes again. pujols, three homers. the third guy to hit three home
11:57 pm
runs in a world series game since mr. october, reggie jackson. the cardinals take the 2-1 series lead, and he is an impending free agent and is going to get paid. >> joe thorp ton wanted to win with the sharks continuing on the east coast swing. jumbo joe, no love in bean town. pavelski's snapshot, 1-0 sharks. to the second, it's couture. right place, right time. and the sharks go onñ
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